One Family taking a year out to travel the world, take photos, write about it, give hints, tell you about their trials and tribulations and of course have fun!





VISITING FROM: 13/10/10 — 31/10/10

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Sure it's got deadly spiders, snakes and sharks, but they don't stop people from coming here. Australia is a big , big country , as big your imagination will allow so kick back and grab a six pack while you map your journey . From the prehistoric gorges of Kakadu National Park, to the white sails of the Sydney Opera House, lose yourself in the bush or camp along the east coast where the sea is with you all the way , explore the labyrinthine laneways of culture-rich Melbourne or be humbled by red desert sunsets over Uluru. Turn south to visit hundred year old giants that loom large in the forests of Tasmania or take on Sydney, a heady mix of surf, sun, money and sex, and you'll soon realise Australia is a place to be discovered

There are ancient Aboriginal cultures, dazzling salt pans, secretive reptiles, rough-cut canyons and pristine gorges. Some Australians simply go walkabout, traversing national parks filled with such devilish critters as koalas, sugar gliders and knee-high wallabies. Others whiz through world heritage rainforests on mountain bikes or apply ropes to their limbs, chalk to their hands, truly skimpy shorts to their nether regions and scale lofty summits like bronze-backed insects. And some simply launch themselves into the sky with parachutes attached to their backs.



1 Lisa-Nicole Dunne commented on 30/10/10

Hey Guys
the adventure continues. Fair play sounds great. Loved Byron Bay. Check out watego beach. My friend got married there it’s nice. Al and I stayed down the end of Byron in lovely apts. Where to next in Oz? Are you just doing East Coast? I spent months there 10 years ago as was so much fun.
Enjoy Tasmania.
Eric next time online with a few mins check out the website I’ve attached. It’s a viral element of a campaign Unicef launched as part of our goal to raise eur 1m from 1m people just giving a euro. This vid we created as a bit of Fun to emphasise importance of each n every euro. Send onto a few friends if you can.
Daniel is doing great getting so big-he’d pass for 6/7 months and he’s not even 4. Adoring the time with him he’s a dote. Can’t wait for you guys to meet him when u get back. Sophie growing up so quick too. She’s in scoil Iosa now and delighted. Anyway u all look great and no doubt it’s a year to remember and cherish forever. Keep having fun. X Lisa Alan Sophie and Daniel x x


2 Tony Hadley commented on 23/10/10

Gold! Gold! Always believe in your soulllll! Hope all is going well on the trip. Here in Sligo for the Bank Holiday enjoying a few drinks with our Stag Party host, Pat Henry. Have a great time! Mike


3 Linda Logan commented on 06/10/10

Well Holy Moses ! You’re all having the time of your lives. How on earth will you settle down after this…...its giving me the wander lust!!!  Hope to be able to chat to you on skype soon just let me know when you can.
Axel and Elka look soooo healthy and gorgeous….. their eyes blend in with the oceans. Great photos.  Need more photos of you and Eric , Axel will be able to take them but you’re both looking great.  The monkey pics look great.  Very much look forward to chatting with you.
Love and Kisses and Hugs and stuff.
Lindy Lou xxxxxxxxx

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