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Spindly Chile stretches 4300km – over half the continent – from the driest desert in the world (near San Pedro de Atacama) to massive glacial fields in the Patagonian south . Filling up the in-between are volcanoes, geysers, beaches, lakes, rivers, valleys , dusty towns and countless islands. Slenderness gives Chile the intimacy of a backyard (albeit one fenced between the Andes and the Pacific).

With easy infrastructure ( only one main road ) , spectacular sights and very hospitable hosts, the hardest part is choosing an itinerary. Consider the sweeping desert solitude, craggy summits and the lush forests of the fjords. Rapa Nui (Easter Island) and the isolated Isla Robinson Crusoe offer extracontinental exploits.

But don’t forget that Chile is as much about character as it is setting. Its far-flung location fires the imagination and has been known to make poets out of barmen, dreamers out of presidents and friends out of strangers. A few wrong turns and detours and you too will be part of this tightly woven family who barbecues on Sunday. Don’t forget to bring an extra bottle of red to the long, lazy dinners that await.




1 Inti commented on 13/12/10

Hello Eric and Family
was a real pleasure take some beers with you and know about your family and you adventure , i hope to do something like that some time, your success its for me like a sample, that can be done, thanks.

If you need something, just tell me, I would be very happy to help in your travel

You have a very nice family a lot of greetings for them, my better wish for your travel and keep strong.

may be in some time, i will contact you again for help for my own adventure :D hahaha

PD: Your Family’s web is absolutly great!, Congrats, you people can teach me to make that kind of website to, ahhahaha

Inti Alejandro Cortés Aguirre.
Santiago - Chile.

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