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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

VISITING FROM: 11/05/10 — 18/05/10

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When the noted writer Sir Arthur C Clarke made his home in Sri Lanka in 1956, he claimed the island jewel of the Indian Ocean was the best place in the world from which to view the universe. Concealed in the sky-high imagery of this teardrop-shaped nation, he recognised an amazing diversity for somewhere so compact.


Fringing the coasts is an array of gently arcing golden-sand beaches, now making a comeback after the devastation wreaked by the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami. Zoom closer to spy the giant tanks (artificial reservoirs) built by the first Sinhalese rulers around the ancient cities of Anuradhapura and Pollonaruwa. In the Hill Country, a layer of cotton wool clouds obscures the view, mirroring the misty mornings travellers often experience in this area of waterfalls and verdant tea plantations.

To the northwest, a gossamer-thin land bridge almost connects fragile Sri Lanka to the modern juggernaut that is India. Two and a half decades of civil war reinforces this bridge to Tamil Nadu is as much cultural as geographic.

Irrespective of their cultural background, Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslim locals will welcome you with pride. Pride in their criminally underrated cuisine, pride in their national parks and wildlife, and – especially – pride in their national cricket team. Whether you're a humble three-wheeler jockey or a British-trained lawyer or doctor, the sport that frequently stops the nation is always worthy of discussion. How will the boys do in the upcoming series against New Zealand? Will the country be ready to host the World Cup in 2011? And have you seen how much that opening batsman from Kandy is earning in the new Indian Premier League?

Faced with funding a war and weathering a global financial crisis, Sri Lanka's proud population has been doing it tough for a few years. But equipped with a stellar combination of scenery, culture and history, a growing focus on sustainable tourism and (hopefully) a more settled society, Sri Lanka is firmly back on the radar for curious travellers seeking unique experiences.



1 Richard Rodgers commented on 25/02/11

Since we were talkng this morning Eric I looked up your blog. This is the first ‘port of call’ as it were since you happened to mention Sri Lanka. Christ, I’m impressed. And since I’ve been invited there….........


2 Mila and Leon Ring commented on 16/06/10

Hi Axel and Elka,

Got your postcard the other day from Syria (took a long time to get here !!), anyhow hope you are both well, looks you are having a great time. Love your photos in Sri Lanka, looks like a place we would love to visit to chillax !! Weather is great over here at the moment which is good. My two top teeth our now wobbly (my mum says she is not looking forward to them falling out as she is scared of the gopher teeth that are going to arrive).  Met your Nana Margaret the other day we are going to send over a parcel of goodies for you when she visits you guys in July, any requests please let us know ??? We are off to France next Friday so we are looking forward to that !! When we get back it is full steam ahead with La Sirena, so looking forward to eating some Burrito’s with you when you get back !!! Say hello to A&E
Lots of love Mila & Leon XXXX


3 Caroline commented on 02/06/10

hi guys .. it all looks so amazing , life seems to be good on the road….
All fine in dull Dublin, life moving at its normal pace ... but the sun is shinning today so happy days….

Caroline, Rob & Oscar


4 lisa commented on 29/05/10

Pretty serious is right . Have to say we found the locals of the south really easy going , well educated and pretty unscathed by the war . I know a lot of the problems were north of Colombo . Saying that there is still heavy security in and out of the main temples , airports and at any public gathering event there are a good few armed police . The southern population of the island are still trying to rebuild their lives after the Tsunami and that disaster is much more raw in their heads then the war up north . Hopefully , they will have a chance at peace and the country can start to rebuild itself .


5 itchybollix commented on 23/05/10

howdy.  just noticed you’s are in sri lanka and i remembered watching this report on channel 4 news (on the left of the link) on friday.  it’s about 10 minutes long and not to bring a downer on things it’s pretty nasty, but it’s got to be aired.  on a funnier note; ronan keating - it’s true what we always said -  he is a ****! gerry ryan and ronan keating ate my hamster.



6 Janice Witcombe (nee Reilly) commented on 20/05/10

Wow, you are so brave but look at what you are experiencing.  Sri Lanka looks and sounds amazing - beats Malahide on a grey, May Thursday!  My kids are 17 and 9 so we have missed the boat on “doing a Ring” but it’s great to enjoy it vicariously.  Stay safe and have fun x

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