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Phi Phi Island

Great to go back but the warmth and friendliness we experienced first time round is not here anymore . Saying that we did get a few smiles but most of the time we had to work hard for them . The sand is white and the sea is a beautiful turquoise blue and when you are on the beach no one is there to bother you. Forget about Ton Sai Bay as it is a dump and I cannot understand how anyone would travel this far to stay here . The best beaches are from long beach up and the further you go the quieter it is.

  • Phi Phi Island
  • Phi Phi Island
  • Phi Phi Island



1 Nathalie┬žArmand┬žNicolas commented on 19/09/10

What a lovely time we had there with you!!
We are far from it now, I’m telling you….
Armand still wears his friendship bracelet given by Axel and believes that if he takes it off, Axel will forget him….
Take care and enjoy every minute of it !!!!

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